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Restaurant Auvergnat in Laussonne

There was once a great gastronomic region, the Auvergne,
and an ambassador of choice in the person of Chef Philippe Soulier.

Travellers, hikers, lovers of down-to-earth country produce will discover bliss here in an exclusive, elegant, rustic atmosphere. On the menu: delectable, bountiful country cuisine featuring Auvergne tripoux, veal paunch, lamb mesentery, Lignon trout, “Fin Gras du Mézenc” "(label of origin) meats, Grazac snails, Velay verbena.

Open every day during the summer season:
for lunch from 12h to 14h
for dinner from 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Off season, open from Tuesday to Sunday lunch

Our services and facilities

Arrival: 14h - 21h

Departure: until 11h

Contact & Access

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6 Planet de la Croix
Tel: +33 04 71 05 11 75